Google Street View

An immersive 360º tour of your business across Google

You have probably seen and used Google Street View while using Google Maps. If you haven’t I guarantee you your customers have.

In the same way that Google Street View allows you to “virtually” place yourself on a street and view the world around you, Google Street View also allows your customers to do the same thing but they can “virtually” walk around inside and outside your business!

It uses the controls your customers are already familiar with to enable them to take a virtual tour of your business and see what you have to offer!

Why Google Street View?
  • When you search for a product or service on the internet what do you use?
    Answer: Google.
  • When your customers search for a product or service what do they use?
    Answer: Google
  • Where should you be spending advertising money?
    Answer: Google Where your customers are looking…

Getting your business onto Google Street View takes a very reasonable one-off fee. Where else can you get 24/7 exposure that stays in place as long as you want it to without an ongoing fee?

Your business will be visible on Google Search, Google Maps and other Google products. These products operate on all sorts of internet based devices from a Mac or PC to handheld devices like phones and tablets.

Having Google Street View makes your business stand out when compared to competitors who do not have Google Street View.

Our city is a destination city. We have many visitors from large cities already familiar with Google Street View. Often, the first thing visitors do upon arrival is Google where to eat, what to do, where to shop and what to see. They are not familiar with our city so if they need anything, clothing, a gift etc, they use Google. That is when if you are on Google with the best presence possible and they can “See Inside” your business you are ahead of the curve and are likely to have just gained a new customer.

An Example Google Street View shoot

Best Choice Quality Used Books was a perfect candidate for a Google Street View tour.
Without the interior views that Google business view brings to their customers it was very difficult to show off the fact that this business, which does not look very big from the store front, in fact houses over 20 000 books! Not to mention an area to sit while you browse your book and enjoy coffee, tea and snacks that are also for sale.

Walk through the front door below, through the sitting area and into the maze of books. Zoom in on the shelves. You can read the book titles! Walking back outside will show your their outdoor summer seating and allow you to walk off into Google Street View.

Let Awden get your business on to Google today with a great Google Street View tour.

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